Lijiang 2.4m Telescope Released Data

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Date: 2017-07-27

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Lijiang 2.4 meters optical astronomical telescope belongs to the Lijiang astronomical observation station of Yunnan Astronomical Observatory,it is the largest general-purpose optical telescope in China and East Asia caliber, the geographical location is 100°01'51", 26°42'32", the altitude is 3193 meters. This is a horizon reflection telescope with a Cassegrain focus and a resistance focus, with a primary mirror diameter of 2.4 meters. Thanks to the good astronomical observation conditions of Lijiang Observatory and the good optical quality of the telescope, so that the telescope could observe the limit of the dark objects such as 25 and so on. The main objects include the extrasolar planets, galaxies, adjacent galaxies and their stars and clusters, distant quasars, gamma rays, and large-scale structures of the universe.

2.4 meter telescope
2.4 meter telescope dome and surrounding scenery

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