WDS Conference

WDS Conference
2017-01-11 | author : admin

The biennial (two-yearly) Conferences of ICSU-WDS and ICSU’s Committee on Data for Science and Technology (ICSU-CODATA) have complementary objectives and overlapping audiences. Resultantly, both organizations have taken the decision to merge their Conferences and to co-organize a unique event, with the aim of this becoming the world’s principal conference on scientific data.

Official Representatives of WDS Members will be expected to participate and contribute to both the joint CODATA–WDS Conference and to its co-located WDS Members’ Forum.

Title of Conference

The Conference title will consist of two parts: the standard generic Conference name—SciDataCon— followed by the year, and a specific scientific theme. For example, ’SciDataCon 2014: Theme of the Conference’. The theme of each Conference will be jointly determined by the Executive Committees of ICSU-WDS and ICSU-CODATA (the joint ExCom).

Organization and Funding

The international Conference will be convened and organized by ICSU-CODATA and ICSU-WDS. However, it will be open to other organizations from academia and the private sector to co-sponsor and financially support the event.

Conference Scientific Programme

The scientific programme will be under the responsibility of a Scientific Organizing Committee jointly appointed by ICSU-CODATA and ICSU-WDS. The Conference programme will be spread over 2–3 days.


ICSU-CODATA and ICSU-WDS will make a joint Call to their respective constituencies for the hosting of the subsequent Conference. This Call will also be opened up to other organizations. The Executive Committees of both ICSU organizations will proactively encourage synergies between their Members and partners to maximize the chances of strong proposals. The final decision of the joint ExCom on the host and venue of the subsequent Conference will be announced at the end of each Conference.

Once selected, the local host of the Conference shall provide the necessary support for its realization. An onsite visit shall be organized by ICSU-CODATA and ICSU-WDS such that the details can be negotiated and discussed with the local organizers. In particular, registration fees should be kept to a minimum.

Business Meetings

A joint ExCom meeting will be organized immediately following the conclusion of the Conference for half-a-day. The WDS-SC will then commence its regular Committee meeting on the morning after the joint ExCom (for 2 days).

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