World Data System Asia–Oceania Conference 2017

World Data System Asia–Oceania Conference 2017

Date : 2018-04-17    author : jiping   

category : Strategic Plans

The WDS Asia–Oceania Conference 2017 was successfully held on 27–29 September 2017 at Kyoto University. The Conference brought together over 100 data practitioners, data repository managers, and researchers predominantly based in Asia–Oceania to reinforce the data stewardship community in the region and to establish a collaborative system for accessing and disseminating research data.

The main outcome was a decision to establish a regional network that will support existing international research priorities such as those set by the International Council for Science (ICSU) through its programmes: Future Earth, Integrated Research on Disaster Risk, and Urban Health and Wellbeing. It was also announced that a follow-up Conference will be held in 2019, in Beijing, China.

The day preceding the Conference, 26 September 2017, was given to a Cooperative Workshop between ICSU-WDS and the ICSU Scientific Committee on Solar–Terrestrial Physics (WDS Partner Member), who we have been collaborating with over the past two years through its Variability of the Sun and Its Terrestrial Impact programme.

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