ICSU-WDS International Programme Office

ICSU-WDS International Programme Office
2017-01-12 | author : admin

The International Programme Office of ICSU’s new World Data System (WDS) was opened officially in Tokyo on Wednesday 9 May.

WDS Members will designate an Official Representative to act as the contact person with the WDS-SC and WDS International Programme Office (WDS-IPO). This Official Representative shall attend the ICSU-WDS Members’ Forum and Conference every two years. All official communications and consultations with WDS Members will be sent to the Official Representative.

The WDS International Programme Office will manage and coordinate the establishment and operations of the WDS, and take responsibility for outreach and promotional activities. The IPO will act under the guidance of the ICSU World Data System Scientific Committee composed of leading scientists who are actively involved with scientific data issues. The first Executive Director of WDS and Director of its IPO is Dr Mustapha Mokrane.

For more information on the ICSU World Data System, see: http://www.icsu-wds.org

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