ICSU-WDS Webinars

ICSU-WDS Webinars
2017-01-12 | author : admin

The WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) mandated that the ICSU World Data System would provide a 'community building' function to WDS Members and beyond. Surveying the opinions of WDS Member Representatives, it was found that not only were they in favour of this strategy, but they also suggested ICSU-WDS should facilitate Members to naturally form networks by offering a platform for workshops on data topics of wider interest. With a preference given for a virtual presence at these workshops, the WDS-SC elected to introduce a series of WDS Webinars in which Members are encouraged to host short talks on themes of their choosing such that synergies can be found amongst both themselves and the broader data community.

May 13, 2014

Data Publishing Webinar Co-organized by ICSU-WDS

On 13 May 2014, the WDS International Programme Office co-organized a Webinar with the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM; WDS Associate Member). This Webinar was arranged primarily for STM members and their colleagues, and consisted of a series of talks by Co-chairs of the Research Data Alliance – WDS Data Publishing Interest Group and the four WDS Data Publication Working Groups. Although targeted towards publishers and journal editors, audio of the Webinar was recorded and is available through the Webinars page of the WDS website. Furthermore, a similar Webinar will be organized for the WDS community in the near future.

October 2015

RDA–WDS Data Publishing Webinar for Data Repositories and Services

This free webinar was organized for ICSU World Data System Members and interested Data Repositories and Services on the Publishing Data initiatives undertaken by ICSU World Data System and Research Data Alliance. The presentations cover how data centres, publishers, and research institutes are working together to make Publishing Data an integral part of the scholarly record: establishing better workflows, defining appropriate bibliometrics, designing an infrastructure to link data and publications, and defining cost recovery and business models.

October 26, 2016

NISO/ICSTI Joint Webinar: Enabling Innovations for Researcher Workflows and Scholarly Communication

Scientists are rewarded for getting their worked published, and getting published traditionally has relied on presenting surprising and tidy findings. However, this leads to presenting a biased subset of the total body of scientific evidence. The mission of the Center for Open Science is to increase the rigor and reproducibility of research. This mission is achieved through three activities: 1) Measuring the extent of the problem through reproducibility studies, 2) Advocating for policies and practices that can improve the reproducibility of the published literature, and 3) Building tools that enable the practices for which we advocate. In this presentation, David Mellor will present how the Open Science Framework can enable researchers and institutions to conduct more reproducible work and how societies can reward ideal scientific practices.

David Mellor works at the Center for Open Science on initiatives for publishers, journals, funders, and researchers to conduct more reproducible research. Outlined in the Transparency and Openness Promotion Guidelines, these steps include data sharing, preregistration, and replication. Before coming to COS, he worked at Virginia Tech with citizen scientists by building collaborative, online platforms. He received his degree from Rutgers in Ecology and Evolution.

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