The ICSU World Data System (ICSU-WDS) -Trusted data services for global Science

The ICSU World Data System (ICSU-WDS) -Trusted data services for global Science
2017-07-07 | author : admin

WDS supports ICSU’s vision and mission by promoting universal and equitable access to, and long-term stewardship of, quality-assured scientic data and data services, products, and information covering a broad range of disciplines from the natural and social sciences, and humanities.

Objectives of ICSU-WDS

1、Enable universal and equitable access to quality-assured scientific data, services, products and information

2、Ensure long-term data stewardship

3、Foster compliance to agreed-upon data standards and conventions

4、Provide mechanisms to facilitate and improve access to data and products

Why join ICSU-WDS?

1、For improved local and International recognition: heightened profile, increased visibility,improved funding prospects, facilitated interactions and data exchange.

2、To demonstrate your commitment to Open Science: adherence to WDS Data Sharing Principles, becoming certified as a trustworthy scientific data service.

3、To increase your performance and agility: Enhanced discovery of your data and increased disciplinary and interdisciplinary user base, improved practices and process, facilitated citation of your data.

More information is available on the ICSU WDS website:

or PDF :

ICSU-WDS Flyer (February 2016) (PDF)

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