WDS Scientific Committee

WDS Scientific Committee
2017-01-12 | author : admin

The WDS Scientific Committee(WDS-SC) shall be the governing body of ICSU-WDS.

The responsibilities of the WDS-SC shall be to develop and prioritize plans for ICSU-WDS, guide their implementation, and publicize the results.

The WDS-SC, including the Chairperson, shall be appointed by the ICSU Executive Board and abide by Terms of Reference as approved by ICSU Executive Board (Annex 1 of this Constitution).

At least four members (one-third) of the WDS-SC shall be Directors of WDS Member Organizations.

The WDS-SC shall normally conduct ICSU-WDS affairs by consensus. Should a vote be required, each member of the WDS-SC shall have one vote, and the matter decided by a simple majority of those voting. The WDS-SC Chairperson shall have the casting vote in the event of a tie.

The WDS-SC shall normally meet face-to-face twice in each calendar year.

The WDS-SC shall be supported by an International Programme Office (the WDS-IPO) that is responsible for both implementing the decisions of the WDS-SC and the daily tasks of coordinating ICSU-WDS.

A designated representative of the hosting institute of the WDS IPO shall serve as ex officio member of the WDS-SC.

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